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Let AI reveal the scientific content most relevant to you, the moment it is published.

for researchers and practitioners

Do you find it difficult to stay on top of developments in your area of expertise?

SCITRUS is a free content discovery service. Powered by Machine Learning, Scitrus presents you with only the latest and most relevant news and research from across the web. Simply select your favorite topics, journals, and authors to follow, and let SCITRUS distill the academic content that will matter most to you.

SCITRUS aggregates every scientific article published and evaluates them according to your specific interests to produce a custom, personalised live feed in a familiar magazine-like interface. The most relevant articles are displayed chronologically, from newest to oldest, with the most important articles for you appearing larger than all others.

The more you interact with content, the more SCITRUS learns what you like, and the more useful and personalized your feed becomes. You define how much you want to see, or choose to see it all so that you don’t miss a thing. You have control!

Click any article to instantly see all of its related information, including its full metadata, relevant articles, tweets, wikipedia entries and more. Save articles for reading later or easily create citation alerts, simply by adding an article to your Watch List. Create custom article lists and share them with colleagues. You can also focus on any topic, journal or author to discover all related content.

for publishers

Did you know that a large percentage of published papers are never read?
Do you want to get your content in front of the right audience at the right?

SCITRUS is a new free content awareness service that you can offer your members as an alternative to alerts. Reach members who don't respond to emails and promote your content to those who need it most, beyond your current readership.

Become a SCITRUS affiliate and create your own branded channel, dedicated to your content and directly accessible to your members.

SCITRUS is the new, intelligent way to target your content to those who need it most, and increase engagement and loyalty in the process.

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